Face$600.00Buy Now
Neck$350.00Buy Now
Hands $400.00Buy Now
Face & Neck$800.00Buy Now
Face, Neck & Hand$1000.00Buy Now

Acne Aging Pee$150.00Buy Now
Glycolic Peel$100.00Buy Now
Clarifying Peel$200.00Buy Now
Transform Peel$200.00Buy Now
Microderm-Abrasion$120.00Buy Now

Full hand front$25.00Buy Now
Full hand front & bail black $40.00Buy Now
Bridal full both hands front & back$350.00Buy Now

One Area$500.00Buy Now
Two Area$750.00Buy Now
Three Area$900.00Buy Now

( FACE ) Nose$20.00Buy Now
Top lips$40.00Buy Now
Sides of face$60.00Buy Now
Neck ( front or back )$60.00Buy Now
Full face$80.00Buy Now

Under Arm$40.00Buy Now
Nipples$40.00Buy Now
Hands ( including fingers )$40.00Buy Now
Breasts$60.00Buy Now
1/2 Arm ( lower or upper)$120.00Buy Now
Full arms$150.00Buy Now
Abdomen$100.00Buy Now
Shoulders$60.00Buy Now
1/2 back$100.00Buy Now
Full back$200.00Buy Now
3/6 Arms$175.00Buy Now
Chest$160.00Buy Now

Skin Rejuvatoin$199.00Buy Now
Skin pigmentation -freckle$199.00Buy Now
Spot Remova$60.00Buy Now
Vascular therapy$199.00Buy Now

Snail trail$40.00Buy Now
Brazilian$80.00Buy Now
1/2 leg ( top or bottom)$150.00Buy Now
Full leg$250.00Buy Now
Hips$99.00Buy Now
Knees $40.00Buy Now
Feet ( including toes)$40.0Buy Now

Eye brow$22.00Buy Now
Upper lips$15.00Buy Now
Chin$20.00Buy Now
Side burns$40.00Buy Now
Full face$75.00Buy Now
Eyebrow + upper lips$35.00Buy Now
Eyebrow + upper lips + chin + Eyebrows & lash tint$60.00Buy Now

Keratin smoothing treatment of$250.00Buy Now

Eyebrows$15.00Buy Now
Upper lips$10.00Buy Now
Chin$15.00Buy Now
Full arms$40.00Buy Now
Half legs$40.00Buy Now
Full legs-ladies$60.00Buy Now
Bikini Area$35.00Buy Now
Full back$50.00Buy Now
Full body waxing$200.00Buy Now
Brazilian$50.00Buy Now
Chest wax-men$60.00Buy Now
Back wax-men$60.00Buy Now
Shoulder wax-men $20.00Buy Now
Full legs wax-men
( each treatment get oil massage)
$100.00Buy Now

Eyebrow and tint$15.00Buy Now
Eyelash tint$20.00Buy Now
Eyebrow thread & tint$35.00Buy Now
Eyebrow thread & tint & lash tint$40.00Buy Now

3D volume Russian lashes$150.00Buy Now
4D volume Russian lashes$180.00Buy Now
5D to 6D volume Russian lashes$220.00Buy Now
3D Refills$80.00Buy Now
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Natural eye$129.00Buy Now
Glamorous eye$150.00Buy Now
Extreme lashes$200.00Buy Now
Lash Removals$40.00Buy Now
Refills After 2weeks$60.00Buy Now
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Magic basic teeth whitening$129.00Buy Now
Magic premium teeth whitening$159.00Buy Now

One Ear with jewellery$40.00Buy Now
Both Ear with jewellery$60.00Buy Now
Baby both Ears with jewellery$50.00Buy Now
Any body piercing with jewellery$60.00Buy Now

Brow feathering /microblading$649.00Buy Now
Eyeliner top$399.00Buy Now
Eyeliner bottom$399.00Buy Now
Eyeliner top / Bottom$699.00Buy Now
Lip liner$499.00Buy Now
Full lips$ 899.00Buy Now
Beauty spots$100.00Buy Now

Face bleach$40.00Buy Now
Arms bleach$60.00Buy Now
Full body Bleaching$200.00Buy Now

Nature tan 2 hour Developer $40.00Buy Now

Face bleach$40.00Buy Now
Arms bleach$60.00Buy Now
Full body Bleaching$200.00Buy Now

60 Minutes facial$75.00Buy Now
90 Minutes facial$90.00Buy Now
45 Minutes Mini facial, Mask with the LED light Therapy $60.00Buy Now

Cleansing, skin polish & mask$60.00Buy Now
Cleansing, peeling, skin polish & mask$90.00Buy Now

30 Minutes infrared bed$35.00Buy Now
45 Minutes infrared bed$45.00Buy Now

20 Minutes LED light therapy$75.00Buy Now
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60 Minutes$99.00Buy Now
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